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Your donation gives parents who have lost a child the opportunity to experience a safe space for peace and restoration so they can begin a journey of rediscovering joy in life.

By giving monthly you are also helping 'Ohana Oasis increase our number of retreats, knowing we have the resources to plan for the future.

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 "I have a drive inside me that has been missing for years and I owe it all to you! Permission and opportunity to grieve, the chance to live in the moment and all we did to embrace the future has provided a jump start in my life and dreams I’ve had are now being looked at once again and will be pursued.” –Kael’s Dad (Retreat 3)

"I honestly didn't expect such immense healing and changes to occur. You've helped us all open up and express deep pain. You provided more than an opportunity. You have unselfishly given us support and love and friendship that goes deeper than just a tool. You have touched so many hearts by what you do. I'm continually in amazement. You are truly a gift to this world." - Jaxon's Mom (Retreat 4)

"What you are giving parents who have suffered unimaginable loss is a beautiful gift of life... the opportunity to see that not only can there be life after death, but that it can be a good life!" - Caleb's Mom (Retreat 2)

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When you contribute at least $20.00 you become part of our 'ohana which is noted on our 'Ohana Wall.

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When you contribute at least $20.00 In Memory of a Loved One their name is placed in a special section of our 'Ohana Wall.